Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Vol. 57 (1999)
Special Issue on Applied Physical Chemistry dedicated to E. Marti
Table of Content

Comparison of experimental methods and theoretical calculations on crystal energies of 'isoenergetic' polymorphs of cimetidine
A. Bauer-Brandl, E. Marti, A. Geoffroy, A. Poso, J. Suurkuusk, E. Wappler and K. H. Bauer

In situ characterization of polymorphic forms. The potential of Raman techniques
M Szelagiewicz, C. Marcolli, S. Cianferani, A. P. Hard, A. Vit, A. Burkhard, M. von Raumer, U. Ch. Hofmeier, A. Zilian, E. Francotte and R. Schenker

Vapor pressure and heat of sublimation of crystal polymorphs
U. J. Griesser, M. Szelagiewicz, U. Ch. Hofmeier, C. Pitt and S. Cianferani

Thermal analysis, microcalorimetry and combined techniques for the study of the polymorphic behaviour of a purine derivative
D. Giron, P. Piechon, C. Goldbronn and S. Pfeffer

Evaluation of calorimctric and gravimetric methods to quantify the amorphous content of Desferal
K. Fiebich and M. Mutz

Enthalpy of solution of terfenadinc in different solvents
J. Canotilho, F. S. Costa, A. T. Sousa, J. S. Redinha and M. L. P. Leitao

Thermal analysis and powder X-ray diffraction study of terpin. Evidence of an eutectic 'hydrate/anhydrous form'
P. Di Martino, F. Piva, P. Conflant and A. M. Guyot Hermann

Phase transition in trans and cis-l,2-cyclohexanediol studied by infrared spectroscopy
M. L. P. Leitao, C. M. R. Nobre. A. J. L. Jesus and J. S. Redinha

Correlation between phase transition thermodynamics and crystal features of solid small peptides
G. Barone and R. Puliti

A microcalorimetric study of water vapor sorption on morphine sulphate
N. Markova and L. Wadso

Thermochemical reactivity of transition metal acetates and of a novel DMSO solvate of iron(II) acetate in molecular hydrogen
K. Ehrensberger, H. W. Schmalle, H.-R. Oswald and A. Reller

A single crystal study of a solid-state polymerization reaction
O. Herzberg and M. Epple

The morphology of etch pits during thermal treatment of drugs and its dependence on the features of their crystallochemical structures
M.A. Vasilchenko, T. P. Shakhtshneider, D. Yu. Naumov and V. V. Boldyrev

Transitiometric analysis of pressure effects on various phase transitions
S. L. Randzio

New developments in crystallization processing
E. J. Windhab

Solvent-induced phase transformations of hydrates
S. Nordhoff and J. Ulrich

Study of the solid-liquid equilibrium in mixed alkaline earth fluoro-halides
H. Hagemann, P. Tissot, D. Lovy, F. Kubel and H. Bill

Interaction of thulium, ytterbium(III) and lutetium chlorides with sodium chloride
D. Büchel and H. J. Seifert

Simultaneous calorimetric and potentiometric investigations on some uncatalyzed bromate oscillators (UBOs)
G. Nagy, E. Kords and I. Lamprecht

The vapour pressure and the enthalpy of sublimation. Determination by inert gas flow method
W. Zielenkiewicz, G. L. Perlovich and M. Wszelaka-Rylik

Vapour pressure measurements with a thermobalance
F. Emmenegger and M. Piccand

Recent developments in integrated circuit calorimetry
J. Lerchner, A. Wolf and G. Wolf

Temperature modulated DSC for the investigation of polymer materials. A brief account of recent studies
M. Ribeiro and J.-P. E. Grolier

An epoxy resin tells ist life story. Thermal analysis as a constant companion from development to disposal
E. Post, E. Kaisersberger, S. Knappe and W.-D. Emmerich

Towards more specific information from isothermal microcalorimetric measurements on living systems
P. Johansson and I. Wadsö

Differential scanning calorimetric investigations on pyloric caeca during ripening of salted herring products
R. Schubring

Physicochemical differences in dehydrated Saccharomyces boulardii yeast as a function of the dehydration process
S. Toscani, R. Ceolin and J. Vincent

Calorimetric study of the bioremediation of a polluted soil
P. Tissot

Thermal analysis studies on human skin and skin barrier modulation by fatty acids and propylene glycol
H. Tanojo, J. A. Bouwstra, H. E. Junginger and H. E. Bodde

Development of a new silicone base transdermal system. III. Study of thermal properties of silicone elastomers containing liquid ingredients
Ö. Wagner, G. Kenessey and G. Liptay

On the nature of the temperature-induced transition from the molten globule to the unfolded state of globular proteins
G. Graziano, F. Catanzano and G. Barone

Determination of the rigorous transfer function of an isothermal titration microcalorimeter with Peltier compensation
A. Veláquez-Campoy, O. López-Mayorga and M. A. Cabrerizo- Vitchez

Competitive binding of drugs to the multiple binding sites on human serum albumin. A calorimetric study
H. Aki, M. Goto, M. Kai and M. Yamamoto

Lipid-similar thermal transition of polyethylene glycol alkyl ether detergents
E. Grell, E. Lewitzki, M. von Raumer and A. Hörmann

Use of isothermal titration calorimetry in the development of molecularly defined vaccines
G. Pluschke and M. Mutz

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