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The main goals anticipated by the European Society for Applied Physical Chemistry are as follows:


Promotion of Applied Physical Chemistry in areas such as physical and chemical pharmacy, organic and inorganic chemistry, biophysics and biochemistry, crystallography, as well as material sciences.


The society promotes all scientific, theoretical and technical perceptions in the above mentioned areas, such as chemical thermodynamics, thermal analysis, calorimetry, titration calorimetry and biochemical binding studies, spectroscopy as well as microscopy.


Interactions in applied research between scientists working at universities, scientific and technical institutes and researchers from the chemical industry.


Creation of a scientific network.


Promotion of a continuous education in specialized areas by organizing conferences and meetings.


Information and presentation about the newest instrumental developments, methods and evaluation procedures.

In 1992, eurostar-science was founded in Munich, Germany by a nucleus of scientists as the European Society for Applied Physical Chemistry with the goals mentioned above. Most of the Foundation Members are still today members of the board
At this time the main question brought up especially by a number of opponents was: Do we need another scienitfic society? It was a difficult question and the Foundation Members had been rather concerned about it. Today, in 2003, having organized and realized almost every year an International Scientific Conference, we are convinced, that our decision was the right one. The outstanding achievements were as follows:


the unorthodox work of the steering committee allows fast decisions free from bias


the development of a specific network with contacts to active scientists selected only by their scientific achievements in segments anticipated by eurostar-science.


the promotion of collaborations between scientists active at universities and in the chemical industry, mainly in the area of life sciences.

The members of the Organization Committee decided to change the statutes allowing from now on personal memberships only.

The main activity of the European Society for Applied Physical Chemistry in past and in the near future is the organization of the conference cycle "International Conference and Workshops on Pharmacy and Applied Physical Chemistry (PhandTA). The PhandTA conferences are focussed on all subjects of applying Physical Chemistry  to research, development, production, and analysis of drug substances and drug products.

The next conference, namely PhandTA 12 takes place at the Department of  Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Graz from Sunday 06th to Wednesday 09th of May, 2012.     

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