European Society for
Thermal Analysis,
Thermodynamics, and
Chemical Reactivity

4th Symposium / Workshops on Pharmacy and Thermal Analysis

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The aim of this symposium is to assemble scientists and specialists from universities and industries working in the interacting fields of Pharmacy, Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry, Thermodynamics, Chemical Reactivity, and related areas of Physical Chemistry.

An exchange of information is anticipated by a Scientific Program offering plenary lectures, short communications, poster sessions and workshops.

You are cordially invited to participate in the PhandTA 4, the conference language will be English. Manufacturers will exhibit instruments used in the fields of Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry and in Pharmacy.

Contact address:

Dr. E. Marti
Novartis Services AG
K-127.5.56, CH-4002 Basel
Tel. ++41-61-696 53 48
Fax ++41-61-696 93 04

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