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Conferences - PhandTA 9


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Institut für Pharmazeutische Technologie und Biopharmazie
Felix-Klein-Hörsaal (Lecture hall 5F)
Building 25.21


Düsseldorf with its approximately 600 000 inhabitants is North Rhine Westphalia´s state capital and one of Germany´s most important cities.
Düsseldorf´s internationally best known trademark is the avenue “Königsallee”. With its malls and shopping arcades, the Königsallee is one of the world´s most beautiful boulevards. In fashion matters, Düsseldorf is always one step ahead. From Düsseldorf´s trade fair centre, the location of the most important fashion fair worldwide, fashion comes directly to the shopping windows of the Königsallee.
Within a stone´s throw away from the Königsallee one can experience the typical Renish easy-going conviviality in the Altstadt, Düsseldorf´s old town. With its more than 260 restaurants and inns, the Altstadt is known as “the longest bar of the world”. Düsseldorf is the home of the dark local beer, the Altbier, and a visit to one of the breweries of the Altstadt, where the next beer comes without ordering, is a must.
Another opportunity to experience the joie de vivre on the Rhine is a walk on the Rhine embankment promenade which has been built from 1990-1997 and which is considered as one of the most beautiful walks along the Rhine. Its construction has linked again the city with the river, which before were divided by one of Düsseldorf´s busiest north-south traffic arteries.
The Rhine embankment promenade also links the Altstadt with the harbour, which, in 1991 has been transformed into the MediaHarbour. Present-day stars of international architecture like Frank O. Gehry with his famous “leaning” buildings shaped this area.
Düsseldorf´s university has been transformed from a medical acadamy, founded in 1907, into the University of Düsseldorf in 1965. In 1988 the University of Düsseldorf was named after Heinrich Heine.

Links concerning transports... and within Düsseldorf

Site maps of the university

Site maps of the institute

From central station to the institute
Tramway no. 707 in direction University Ost / Botanischer Garten; exit at the terminal stop (ca. 20 min).

From airport Düsseldorf to the institute
S-Bahn (suburban railway) S 7 in direction Solingen to central station. see above.


The participants need to care for their lodging.

Recommended hotels

***Hotel Auszeit
special rates, near University
 Auf’m Hennekamp 71
40225 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49 (0)211 3020590
Single room EUR 87,-
Double room EUR 109,-
including breakfast.
Please mention "eurostar" when booking.

*** Hotel Flora
near University
Auf’m Hennekamp 37
40225 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49 (0)211 934980

*** Hotel Fährhaus
directly at the Rhine
Volmerswerther Deich 151 - 155
40225 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49 (0)211 902010

**** Hotel Mercure
City Center
Am Stresemannplatz 1
40210 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49 (0)211 3554916

Additional hotels can be found at


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