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Aim of the venue

PhandTA 9, the 9th International Conference on Pharmacy and Applied Physical Chemistry, is a Forum for Scientists and Experts.

Important aspects such as the Discovery and Screening of New Chemical Entities and the physicochemical, galenical and preclinical Characterization of Drug Substances, Drug Products and Excipients will be presented and discussed. In addition, investigations and research concerning the transport and the bioavailability of Drug Substances are outlined as well as the different forms of Delivery Systems.

The Conference intends to create a platform for an interaction between Researchers incorporated in the Academia and Scientists and Experts from Research, Development and Regulatory Departments of the Life Science Industry. The increasing pressure for extremely efficient Drug Substances and Drug Products of a high quality affords outstanding research activities and in addition development procedures focused on analytical, chemical, physicochemical and galenical characterizations. The development tasks are rather complex because of the extreme demands in respect to the chemical and physical stability as the criteria for a high and constant bioavailability under the storage and dispensation conditions.

The definition of patentable subjects and the disclosure of molecular structures with an outstanding therapeutic activity without revealing adverse side effects is another important aspect. However, in addition to the basic molecular structures as free bases or free acids, also entities such as hydrates, solvates, salt forms, complexes, molecular compounds may be taken into consideration for a disclosure. These aspects should be considered in contact with the research and development groups.
Many of the above mentioned additional entities of a basic molecular structure may be appearing in different polymorphic forms. These additional solid state forms may range from crystal structures with nearly identical properties to crystal structures revealing drastic differences in their properties. As an example for two solid state forms with rather different properties - one case among a large number which could be selected – is the case of Ritonavir (Norvir®). One of these solid state forms of Ritonavir showed a bioavailability being close to zero, which caused a severe problem.

Lectures are also welcome which give overviews in the different areas of research and development as well as in the physicochemical aspects of the manufacturing processes of active substances, such as crystallization, phase separation, lyophilization, drying and especially spray drying and freeze drying. Also included in our Scientific Program are preformulation and formulation processes for different types of dosage forms.

The analytical, physicochemical and preclinical Methods and Procedures are also in the focus of the Conference.

A Scientific Program offering Plenary Lectures, Key and Short Communications as well as Poster Sessions anticipates an exchange of information.

The program consists of the following sections:

Drug Substances

Excipients and Polymers

Drug Products

Site-specific Drug Delivery

Methods of Physical Chemistry and Instrumentation

You are cordially invited to participate in the PhandTA 9.

Manufacturers of Instruments will exhibit their newest developments during the instrumental sections.
Service Organizations will show their capabilities and will present their achievements.

The conference language will be English. 

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