Scientific Program
List of participants

Conferences - PhandTA 7


"Drug Substances and Drug Products - 
Production Pathways for their Making"

Workshop I
Instruments and Methods  

Workshop II
The Characterisation of Solid State Forms 

Workshop III
Production Pathways from Dissolved Drug Substances into the Solid State Form and to the Drug Product  


Molecular - level geometry in solids from NMR information
Robin K. Harris, University of Durham, Durham, UK

Raman Microscopy – efficient tool for solid state characterizations
Rolf Hilfiker, Solvias AG, Basel, CH

Applications of vapor sorption techniques for the characterization of pharmaceutical materials
Frank Thielmann, Surface Measurements System London, UK

Novel vapor sorption instrument for high sample throughput
Jürgen Dillenz, Projekt Messtechnik, Ulm, D

Analytical Perspectives and Benefits of High Throughput Moisture Sorption Studies
Ulrich Griesser, University Innsbruck, Innsbruck, A

Some Remarks on new Developments of Setaram Equipment
Rüdiger Naumann, Setaram, Caluire, F

Lactose Monohydrate:
   1. Amorphous Content with a Thermoanalytical Method (m - Sensor, Netzsch)
   2. Melting Point of a Hydrate
Erwin Marti, Basel, CH
Erwin Kaisersberger, Netzsch-Gerätebau GmbH, Selb/Bayern,D

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