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Conferences - PhandTA 7

Aim of the venue

The aim of the conference is to assemble scientists and specialists from universities, scientific institutes as well as from research and development areas of the pharmaceutical industry. The anticipated subjects are in the interacting fields of Applied Physical Chemistry with Pharmacy and overlap with phenomena typical also for agrochemical and food products.

The physico-chemical and analytical characterization of active substances as well as the description of dosage forms are main subjects of the venue. The pharmaceutical importance of polymers and excipients and their compatibility with drug substances will be outlined.

An exchange of information is anticipated by a Scientific Program offering plenary lectures, key and short communications as well as poster sessions. Lectures are also welcome wich give overviews in the different aspects of research, development as well as in the description of the physicochemical aspects of the manufacturing processes of active substances, such as crystallization, phase separation, drying, and grinding. Also included in our Scientific Program are preformulation and formulation processes for different types of dosage forms.

The program consists of the following sections

Drug Substances: polymorphs, hydrates, solvates, salts, enantiomers; their thermal characterization, phase diagrams, stability 

Excipients and Polymers: characterization and compatibility

Drug Products: manufacturing, aging, and release; solid dispersions, semi-solid and liquid forms, microemulsions, controlled released systems

Site-specific Drug Delivery: interactions drug-receptor

Instrumentation and Methods of Physical Chemistry: spectroscopy, microscopy, rheology, thermal analysis, and calorimetry; new techniques, calibration, validation

You are cordially invited to participate in the PhandTA 7. The conference language will be English. 

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