Scientific Program

Conferences - PhandTA 5

Scientific Program

AL ... Award lecture      PL ... Plenary lecture     KC ... Key Communication
SC ... Short Communication     PO ... Poster

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PL 1

Force Measurements between Single Molecules: Relation to Thermodynamic Data
T. Strunz, M. Hegner, K. Oroszlan, I. Schumakovitch, H.-J. Güntherodt

PL 2

Application of Pulse Thermal Analysis for Investigating Gas - Solid Reactions
M. Maciejewski, A. Baiker

PL 3

Recognition of Polymorphic Antigens by the Immune System: Implications for Malaria Vaccine Design
G. Pluschke, C. Daubenberger, B. Nickel, F. Pöltl-Frank

PL 4

Liposomal Drug Targeting Systems: From Concept to Reality
G. Storm

AL 1

Award for "Applied Physical Chemistry"
Peptide-Membrane Interactions. Electrostatics and Cooperativity
J. Seelig

AL 2

Award for "Applied Chemical Thermodynamics" of the STK
Polyacrylates and Chitosanderivatives are Safe Penetration Enhancers for Hydrophilic Drugs
H.E. Junginger, M. Thanou, J.C. Verhoef

AL 3

Award Young Scientist for "Applied Physical Chemistry"
Binding of the Marine Sponge Pigment Fascaplysin to DNA: Comparison of Calorimetric and Spectroscopic Titrations
A. Hörmann, B. Chaudhuri, H. Fretz

KC 1

Virtual Experiments – A Modern Alchemy?
A. Vedani

KC 2

Physical Chemistry at Solvias: Research, Development, and Services
R. Hilfiker

KC 3

Consequences of Solvation Phenomena on Thermal Measurements and Chemical Safety
S. Walter, C. Cogneville, A. Hadj-Mebarek

KC 4

State of the Art Instrumentation and Trends in Development of Hard- and Software for Thermal Analysis
W.-D. Emmerich, E. Kaisersberger, J. Opfermann

KC 5

Physicochemical Methods for Stability Research and Formulation Development
F. Blatter

KC 6

The Effect of Relative Humidity on the Glass Transition Temperature of Sugars Determined by IGC
D.A. Butler, F. Thielmann, D.R. Williams

KC 7

Are Crystal Structures Predictable? A Progress Report
J. Dunitz

KC 8

"Isoenergetic" Polymorphs of Cimetidine
A. Bauer-Brandl, E. Marti, E. Wappler, M. Suurkuusk, H. Birkedal, P. Pattison

KC 9

Dehydration and Crystallization Behaviour of a-Lactose Mono-hydrate: New Unexpected Results
St. Garnier, S. Petit, G. Coquerel

KC 10

Modification of Polymers by Supercritical Gases
S. Hilic, M. Ribeiro, S. Boyer, J.-P.E. Grolier

KC 11

Thermal Transitions of Nonionic Detergent Micelles
E. Grell, H. Ruf, M. Mutz, M. von Raumer, A. Hörmann, R. Schneider, G. Ilgenfritz, I. Grillo, M. Kriechbaum, P. Laggner

KC 12

Thermal Analysis for the Characterization of Drug Substances and Excipients
E. Kaisersberger, G. Kaiser, E. Marti

SC 1

The Application of Experimental and Computational Tools to Solve Complex Polymorphism Problems of Pharmaceutical Substances
Mrs. S. Pfeffer, P. Piechon, C. Goldbronn, L. Viola, D. Giron

SC 2

The Physicochemical Properties of Emetine Dihydrochloride
U. Griesser, A. Burger

SC 3

TGA-FTIR: The Use of Reduced Pressure
A. Rager, R.S. Jackson

SC 4

Thermal Analysis and its Benefits in the Pharmaceutical and Related Industry
W. Surer, S. Goth

SC 5

Liquid-Phase Caloric Properties from VLE Data: Dilute Solutions
E. Wilhelm

SC 6

Reaction Calorimetry in New Dimensions
P.E. Meier

SC 7

Introduction of a New Reaction Calorimeter Called DRC
Ch. Mathonat, L. Benoist

SC 8

Solid State Characterizations of Pharmaceutical Hydrates
Mrs. D. Giron, C. Goldbronn, M. Mutz, S. Pfeffer, P. Piechon

SC 9

X-Ray Powder Diffraction as Function of Relative Humidity
A. Burkhard, A. Geoffroy

SC 10

Determination of Glass Transition Temperature and Specific Heat of Moist Samples Using TMDSC
M. Schubnell, J.E.K. Schawe, R. Riesen

SC 11

A Comperative Study of the Effect of Pressure on the Polymorphs of Paracetamol and on Phenacetine
Mrs. E.V. Boldyreva, T.P. Shakhtshneider, V.V. Boldyrev, H. Ahsbahs, H. Uchtmann

SC 12 

Thermal Analysis in the Design of Chiral Resolutions. Studies on o,o'-Dibenzoyl-[2R,3R]-Tartaric Acid + Alcohol Supramolecular Systems
C. Kassai, R. Illés, G. Pokol, D. Kozma, E. Fogassy

SC 13

Extended Thermal Analysis by Advanced Software Programs: Kinetics, Purity, and Multicomponent Analysis
J. Opfermann, E. Kaisersberger

SC 14

Excipient Compatibility Assessment by Isothermal Microcalorimetry
R.A. Winnike, M.A. Phipps, S.T. Long, F.A. Viscomi

SC 15

Polymorphism in the Binary System of Enantiomeric Dihydropyridines
Mrs. J.M. Rollinger, A. Burger

SC 16

Thermal Studies on Mebendazole
Mrs. B. Glass, M. Brown, E. Mopp, M. Aerebo

SC 17

Solid Dispersions of Nimodipine and Polyoxyethylene - an Additive Prevents the Drug from Recrystallization
Mrs. N.A. Urbanetz, B.C. Lippold

SC 18

Quantitative Analysis of Crystallinity of Pharmaceuticals Powders: Industrial Needs
M. Mutz, F. Zaman, D. Giron

SC 19

Discrimination of Release Kinetics of Loaded Microbeads Designed for Embolisation: A New Methodology
F. Amyot, K. Jurski, V. Boudy, J.L. Counord, G. Guiffant, J. Dufaux, J.C. Chaumeil

PO A 1

Microcrystallisation – A Study of the Influence of Solvents and Substrates on Crystallisation and on the Formation of Polymorphic Forms
O.M.R. Wenger, A.G. Helg, C. Marcolli, M. Szelagiewicz

PO A 2

The Polymorphism of Oxybuprocaine-Hydrochloride
A. Schmidt, U. Griesser, T. Brehmer, A. Burger

PO A 3

Thermal, Spectroscopic, X-ray Diffraction, and Microscopic Investigation of Glassy State of Doxazosin Mesylate
M. Grcman, F. Vrecer, A. Meden

PO A 4

Application of DSC Method to Analyse Some Drugs g, b - Sterilized
B. Marciniec, L. Wachowski

PO A 5

Detection of Low Crystalline Amounts of a Drug Substance in Solid Dispersions by DSC
K. Fiebich

PO A 6

Synthesis and Applications of Some Polymeric Conjugates of Thymol or Eugenol
A.G. Anghelescu-Dogaru, G.C. Chitanu, G.G. Bumbu, A. Poiata, C. Vasile, A. Carpov

PO A 7

Thermal Characterization of some New bis-Xanthine Derivatives
G.G. Bumbu, L. Profire, Gh. Danila, C. Vasile

PO A 8

Thermomicroscopy and Differential Thermal Analysis of Terfenadine
J. Canotilho, S.R. Ferreira, F.S. Costa, A.T. Sousa, J.S. Redinha, M.L.P. Leitão

PO A 9

Thermal Investigation of Propyphenazone-Caffeine Mixture
B. Cetina-Cizmek, V. Grdinic, M. Tudja, P. Tudja, M. Horvat

PO A 10

The Characterisation of Pharmaceutical Powders by Solution Calorimetry
F. Zaman, M. Mutz, P. Schwab, P. Piechon, D. Goldbronn, D. Giron

PO A 11

Crystallization Development assisted by Lasentec® FBRM®
P. Schirig, P.Wissler

PO A 12

On the Polymorphism of Plant Protection Substances: Physicochemical Properties of Metazachlor Crystal Forms
D.K. Weigand, J.M. Rollinger, A. Burger

PO A 13

Studies on the Melting Process of Acetylsalicylic Acid Single Crystals
G.L. Perlovich, A. Bauer-Brandl

PO B 1

Control of Size and Morphology of a-Lactose Monohydrate Crystals by Using Structurally Related Additives - Possible Consequences by Dehydration Behaviour and Amorphization
St. Garnier, S. Petit, G. Coquerel

PO B 2

A Calorimetric Study of Phospholipid Hydration
N. Markova, E. Sparr, L. Wadsö, H. Wennerström

PO B 3

The Study of Vitamin C by Thermal Analysis and FTIR-Spectroscopy
V. Wegmann, M. Egelkraut-Holtus, K. Pommerenke

PO B 4

Dehydration induced Amorphization of Trehalose
A. de Gusseme, J.F. Willart, M. Descamps, F. Leveiller

PO B 5

Information about Morphology and Thermal Properties of Semisolid Phospholipid Preparations obtained by Electron Microscopy, DSC and Rheometry
J. Bender and R. Schubert

PO C 1

The Effect of Punch Velocity on the Initial Compression Stage of Caffeine and Microcristalline Cellulose: Modelling by a Modified Heckel Equation
C. Bürger, H. Leuenberger

PO C 2

Glassy Solid Solutions of Poorly Soluble Drugs in Isomalt for a Rapid Bioavailability
M. Langer, N.A. Urbanetz, B.C. Lippold

PO C 3

Stability Investigation of Drug-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes
M. Zelenak, Z. Neizer, Cs. Novak, J. Sztatisz, S. Gal, G. Liptay, V.J. Fernandes Jr., E. Carvalho

PO C 4

Characterization of Thermal Stability by ADSC and TG-FTIR on Drugs
F. Hoffmann

PO C 5

Studies on Biodegradable Silica Fibers Containing Dexmedetomidine
T. Czuryszkiewicz, J. Ahvenlammi, M. Lindén

PO D 1

Molecular Ionics of Anion Receptor Molecules: A Microcalorimetric Study
D. Grell, E. Grell, P. Bugnon, B. Dietrich, G. Quinkert, J.-M. Lehn

PO D 2

Effect of Chlorinated Phenols on the Structure of Model Membranes
Á. Csizar, A. Bóta, Cs. Novak, G. Liptay, E. Klumpp, G. Subklew

PO E 1

Temperature Dependence of the Raman Spectra of Amorphous Glucose
S. Söderholm, N. Meiander, Y.H. Roos

PO E 2

Applications of TGA-MS-Coupling
R. Schiller

PO E 3

Progress in the Standardisation of Particle and Surface Characterisation
E. Robens, K.-F. Krebs, K. Meyer, K.K.Unger, A.Dabrowski

PO E 4

Application of Jäntti's Method for General Use
J.A. Poulis, C.H. Massen, E. Robens, P. Staszczuk

PO E 5

Coupled DSC-Microscope System and its Application to Pharmaceuticals
K. Pommerenke, M. Ohta

PO E 6

40 Years Shimadzu Thermal Analysis Systems
K. Pommerenke

PO E 7

Indirect Calorimetry of Human Body Surface and New Force in Human Space-Time
A. Shiraishi

PO E 8

Thermodynamic Study of Electrolytes Solutions. Thermodynamic Properties of Ammonium Aqueous Electrolytes Solutions from Solubility Measurement
R. Sirbu

PO E 9

Thermodynamic Properties of NaSCN and KSCN in Binary and Ternary Aqueous Solutions at Liquid-Solid Equlibrium
R. Sirbu, M. Sirbu

PO E 10

The Ionic Activity Coefficients of Electrolytes in Aqueous Solutions Using Selective Electrodes and Cryoscopic Data
R. Sirbu, M. Sirbu

PO E 11

Scanning Microcalorimetry Investigation of Native and Iodized Spirulina Platensis Cell Culture
L. Topehishvili, G. Majagaladze, D. Tananashvili, J. Monaselidze

PO E 12

DSC by TGA/SDTA 851e Considering Mass Changes
R. Riesen, K. Vogel

PO E 13

Expansion and Modulus Measurements during Shrinkage of Fibers; Simultaneous Load- and Temperature-Modulated TMA
R. Riesen, J.K.E. Schawe

PO E 14

Contribution of Modulated DSC to the Investigation of Molecular Mobility of Pharmaceutical Materials
O. Bustin, M. Descamps, L.Carpentier J.C. Dore

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