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Scientific Program

AL ... Award lecture      PL ... Plenary lecture     KC ... Key Communication
SC ... Short Communication     PO ... Poster

AL 1

Award for Applied Chemical Thermodynamics:
M. Holz
Recent Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Studies of Water Dynamics near Nonpolar Solutes and of Hydrophobic Association Phenomena

AL 2

STK Award Young Scientists for Solid State Characterization in Pharmacy
U.J. Griesser, M.Szelagiewicz, U.Ch. Hofmeier, S.R. Byrn, A. Burger
Old and New Aspects of the Polymorphism of Caffeine and Theophylline and its Implications in Drug Formulation

PL 1

M. Ollivon, C. Lopez, K. Andrieux; C. Bourgaux, P. Lesieur
Study of Lipidic Structures and their Phase Transitions using Coupled Time-Resolved SAXS and WAXS with DSC Technique

PL 2

M. Boese, K. Fahmy
A new IR Spectroscopic Method for the Characterization of Drug-Target Interactions

PL 3

J.D. Dunitz
Virtual Crystallography: Are Crystal Structures Predictable?

PL 4

S.R. Byrn, X. He, U. Griesser
Crystallization Control Using Energy-Temperature Diagrams

PL 5

Mrs. M. Ribeiro, J.-P.E. Grolier
Applications of Temperature Modulated DSC. Optimization of Experimental Parameters and Recent Studies

PL 6

H. Möhler
Thermal Analysis and Conventional Testing Methods of Plastics and Rubber

PL 7

M. Epple, A. Reller
Biomineralization for Biomedical Application ?

PL 8

Y.H. Roos
Water Interactions in Concentrated Carbohydrate Structures

KC 1

Mrs. M.T. Clavaguera-Mora, A. Gracia, C. Comas, N. Clavaguera, J. Fontán
A new Technique for the Measurement of the Melting Point: Application to Drug Substances

KC 2

A. Rager, E. Treser
TG - FTIR: one System, twice the Power!

KC 3

E. zur Mühlen, A. Lippacher, W. Mehnert, R.H. Müller
Application of micro Thermal Analysis (mTAÔ ) to the Study of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

KC 4

D.R. Williams, D. Butler
Inverse Gas Chromatography of Particulate Materials: Surface Energetics and Morphology 

KC 5

C. Habare, S. Petit
Desolvation of Solvates: Possible Application for the Research of New Polymorphic Forms

KC 6

J.-O. Henck, J. Bernstein
Disappearing and Reappearing Polymorphs

KC 7

S. Walter , A.H. Mebarek, S. Helle
Dangerous Behaviour of Metal-Organic Reactions induced by Interface Charge Build-Up

KC 8

D. Giron, C. Goldbronn, P. Piechon, S. Pfeffer-Hennig
Polymeric Excipients in Drug Products

KC 9

V.V. Boldyrev, Mrs. T.P. Shakhtshneider
Modifying Properties of Drugs by Mechanical Treatment 

KC 10

B.G. Sarraf, H. Tissot, P. Tissot, D. Alfonso, R. Gurny, E. Doelker
Differential Scanning Calorimetry Study of the Influence of Hot-Melt Extrusion and Compression Molding on Polymer Structure Arrangement

KC 11

E. Wilhelm
Unusual Thermophysical Behavior of Liquids, Pure and Mixed

KC 12

E. Kaisersberger, E. Treser, E. Marti, A. Geoffroy
Thermal Characterization of Natural Drug Substances by Traditional Thermoanalytical Methods and by TG-FTIR

KC 13

H.-G. Wiedemann
Distinction of Original and Forged Lithographs by Means of Thermogravimetric Investigation of the used Paper

 KC 14

H.R. Oswald
Topochemistry and Solid State Characterization of Drugs

KC 15

Mrs. S. Pfeffer-Hennig, S. Petit, L. Viola, P. Piechon, D. Giron, C. Goldbronn
Crystal Engineering: A Step Towards the Understanding and Rational Investigations of Polymorphism and Drug Substance Properties

KC 16

K.H. Bauer, T. Reinhart, G. Eisenmann, R. Stenz
Polymeric Surfactants with Low Hemolytic Activity

SC 1

Mrs. N. Markova, L. Wadsö 
A Microcalorimetric Technique to Study Vapor Sorption

SC 2

JL. Daudon, L.Benoist, G. Hurel, C. Mathonat, R. Neumann, P. le Parlouer
SETline: Rapid Quality Control of Materials using Thermal Analysis based on an Integrated Circuit Detector

SC 3

Mrs. H. Lopez de Diego
Unexpected Precipitation in Aqueous Solution, an Example of Combined    Solvate Formation and Polymorphism

SC 4

A. Hörmann, A. Abel, D. Hüsken
Thermodynamics of Nucleic Acid Hybridization: A Comparison of Different Approaches

SC 5

Mrs. C. Marcolli, M. Szelagiewicz
Hot-Stage Raman Microscopy: a New Tool for the Investigation of Polymorphic Forms

SC 6

O. Bustin, M. Descamps
Specific Heat Spectroscopy Measurements by MDSC: Characterization of the Fragility of Pharmaceutical Glass Formers

SC 7

V. Samouillan, A. Lamure, J. Dandurand, E. Maurel, C. Lacabanne, W. Hornebeck
Evolution of Molecular Mobility of Elastin upon Enzymatic Degradation

SC 8

R. Peters
High Sensitivity and High Concentration Range Particle Sizing Unit, ALV – NIBS using Laser-Light Backscattering

SC 9

Mrs. N.A. Urbanetz, B.C. Lippold
Effect of Humidity on the Physical Stability of Solid Dispersions of Nimodipine and Polyoxyethylene - DSC and Hot Stage Microscopy Investigations

SC 10

V. Samouillan, A. Lamure, J. Dandurand, E. Maurel, C. Lacabanne, M. Spina
Structural Modifications Associated with Non Specific Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms in Human Aortic Wall

SC 11

Mrs. B.D. Glass, M.E. Brown, M. Lebete, D.V. Eve
Thermal Analysis Studies on Structurally Related Phenothiazines with Selected Cyclodextrines in Order to Correlate Inclusion Complexation with Photostability

1 PO

H.Allouchi, V.Agafonov, A. Dzyabchenko, J.Ll. Tamarit, R.Céolin, S.Toscani, F.Lepage
Polymorphism of L-Citrulline

2 PO

M.E. Auer, U.J. Griesser, A. Burger
Thermodynamic Stability and FTIR Microscopy of 8-Hydroxyquinolin Polymorphs

3 PO

G.P.Bettinetti, A.Negri, M.Sorrenti, P.Mura, M.T.Faucci,
DSC Study of Binary Systems of Naproxen with Amorphous and Crystalline Methyl-b -Cyclodextrin

4 PO

G.P.Bettinetti, M.Sorrenti, A.Negri, P.Mura, M.T.Faucci
Thermal Behaviour, Physical Stability and Dissolution Properties of Picotamide Monohydrate and Anhydrate

5 PO

D.J. Busby, D.C. Lee, M.J. Raw
Generation and Characterisation of a new Polymorph of a Chroman Derivative using Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Variable Temperature Infrared Microspectrometry

6 PO

S. Cianferani, S.Walter, M.Szelagiewicz, E. Marti
Research Proposal for Paracetamol: Are Electric Fields a decisive Factor for the Crystal Growth of a Specific Polymorph?

7 PO

J.Dandurand, A.Lamure, E.Maurel, M.J.Fauran, C.Lacabanne
Three Phases Model for Semicrystalline Excipients

8 PO Klerk
Microcalorimetry, a Promising Tool for Identifying the Stability of Pharmaceuticals

9 PO

D.Giron, C.Goldbronn, M.Mutz, S.Pfeffer-Hennig, P.Piechon,
Determination of Amorphous Content in Drug Substances: Comparison of Several Methods

10 PO

D.Giron, C.Goldbronn, S.Pfeffer-Hennig
Automation in Thermogravimetry: Application for Pharmaceuticals 

11 PO

C.Habare, S.Petit, G.Coquerel
Polymorphism and Chiral Components

12 PO

A.Helg, I.D. Macklam, B.C. Stahl
On-line Monitoring of Polymorphic Changes in Processes by Spectroscopic Techniques

13 PO

J.-O.Henck, A.Burger, E.Finner, H.Vogel-Lahrmann
Energy/Temperature-Diagram and Solid-State NMR Spectra of Polymorphous Tedisamil Dihydrochloride

14 PO

M. Herrmann, W. Engel, St. Haaga
Thermal Analysis performed by X-Ray Diffraction

15 PO

M.Maciejewski, F.Eigenmann, A. Baiker, W.-D.Emmerich, E.Treser
PulseTA® : Quantification of FTIR Signals

16 PO

Steffen Neuenfeld
Thermoanalytical Investigations of Crystalline and Amorphous Forms of a Drug Candidate

17 PO

V.V.Ovchinnikov, L.I.Lapteva, E.Yu.Sitnikova
The Formation Enthalpies of Cyclic Phosphinesulphides in Condensed and Gaseous Phases

18 PO

V.V.Ovchinnikov, L.R.Khazieva, L.I.Lapteva, E.E.Shishova
Thermochemistry of Cyclic Tertiary Phosphines with the Useful Biological Properties

19 PO

S.Pfeffer-Hennig, D.Giron, C.Goldbronn, P.Piechon, M.Bellus
Characterization of Hydrates. Case Study

20 PO

V.Popescu, I.Carazeanu, A.Dumbrava
The Thermal Behaviour of OCABEF-Ligand and [Cu(OCABEF)2] Complex

21 PO

V.Popescu, R.Sirbu, I.Carazeanu
Copper-Chlorophyll-Antitumoral Agent

22 PO

A.Rameau, A.-L. Guilloux, F. Leveiller
Hydrates Solid-State Characterization: General Methodology and a Case Study

23 PO

J.M.Rollinger, O.Barwart, A.Burger
DSC-Characterization of the Superelasticity of Orthodontic NiTi-Springs

24 PO

A. Shiraishi
Calibration Method of Human Body Surface Energy on Superficial Thermal Gradient

25 PO

Ch.van den Boom, J.-O.Henck, A.Burger
On the Polymorphism of Plant Protection Substances: Thermal Analysis of the Binary System of Triadimenol

26 PO

Ö.Wagner, P.Hencsei, G.Liptay, G.Kenessey
Investigation of Drug-Polymer Interaction in the Silicone Elastomers

27 PO

D.K.Weigand, J.-O. Henck, A.Burger
On the Polymorphism of Plant Protection Substances: Four Modifications of Triadimefon

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