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Venue place

Centro Stefano Franscini Monté Verità

Location of the Centro Monte Verità                                                                              

Location of the Centro Monte Verità with the Congress Facilities and the two Hotels - the Main Building and the Semiramis House - at Monte Verità in respect to Ascona:
The Centro at Monte Verità is located within a public Park on a hill above Ascona. The Centro can be reached from Ascona by cars, by Bus or by waking. Ascona, lying on the border of the Lago Maggiore with an altitude of 200 meters is in a walking distance from the Centro (about 800 meters). The Centro is about 150 meters higher than the Lago Maggiore, therefore, the walking time is about 25 minutes uphill and 15 minutes downhill.


Airport and Train

The best airport to reach Ascona is the Zürich Airport, Switzerland.
By train, from the station at the Zürich Airport, you reach in10 Minutes Zürich Main Station and with an IR train (Interregio) you have a direct train to Locarno
(3h 36min).
From Locarno you may take a public Bus to Monte Verità. In case your arrival time in Locarno railway station is on Sunday between 11:00 and 15:00 you will find a Bus, with the indication Centro Monte Verità, bringing you directly to the Congress Centre.
Normally, you may also take a Bus from Locarno to Ascona and from their connections with the Centro exist.
Of course, Taxi connections are also available.

Airport connections such as Geneva (CH), Basel (CH) and Milano (I) are also possible. Train connections from these airports are available.
On the other hand, there are many possibilities to reach Ascona by train or by car; pathways which may be selected by the travel time necessary or by the scenic beauty.



The participants need to care for their lodging.


Recommended hotels

Centre Monte Verità
6612 Ascona
Phone: +41 (0)91 785 40 40
Fax: +41 (0)91 785 40 50

For booking at the Centro Monte Verità you can use following booking form.

Additional lodging is possible at one of the 32 Hotels in Ascona.
The reservation in a Hotel in Ascona must be made by each participant of the PhandTA 10 himself.
A hotel list of Ascona will be available on request by:

•   Dr. Erwin Marti
    Im langen Loh 181
    CH-4054 Basel

    FAX:      0041 61 303 86 62


•   Ente Turistico Lago Maggiore
    Call Center
    Via Collegio 8
    CH- 6612 Ascona

    Phone:    0041 91 791 00 91
    FAX:         0041 91 785 19 41


•  Search and booking a hotel in Ascona is also possible via google



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