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Monte Verità

The Centro Stefano Franscini is a congress center at the Monte Verità in Ascona under the auspices of the foundation with members of the Swiss Canton Ticino, the Town Council of Ascona and the Federal Polytechnics of Lausanne and Zurich. 

The Monte Verità and Ascona have a great history beginning in 1869 with the Russian anarchist Michail Bakunin. For more information on the history of the region and Monte Verità, click here.


Monte Verità is above Ascona and can be reached by bus from Locarno. The latter is connected with a train to Bellinzona from where all destinations can be reached easily, especially the airports of Zurich, Geneva and Milano.


Ascona, with a population of about 5'000 is often called the Queen of Lago Maggiore for its cultural heritage as well as for its touristic possibilities. It is situated near the delta of the Maggia river, on the shore of a splendid and sunny bay. It has a mediterranean climate and owns touristic tradition and the well known hospitality of the Ticinese people. 
For more information on the town, click here.


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