PhandTA 5

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5th Symposium/ Workshop on Pharmacy and Thermal Analysis
            Pharmazentrum der Universität Basel, Switzerland
                            September 19-21, 2000

11 August 2000
New entries: Short Communication of E.V. Boldyreva, Poster of O.M.R. Wenger
New entries in the List of Participants.

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Organizing and Scientific Committee

Dr. E. Marti, President* c/o Solvias AG, Basel, CH
Prof. Dr. A. Beezer* Chemical Laboratory; University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
Dr. J. Brokatzky-Geiger Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, CH
Prof. Dr. A. Burger Institute of Pharmacognosy, University of Innsbruck, A
Prof. Dr. St.R. Byrn Department of Industrial + Physical Pharmacy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA
Prof. Dr. E. Doelker Laboratoire de Pharmacie Galénique, Université de Genève, CH
Dr. W.-D. Emmerich* Netzsch-Gerätebau GmbH, Selb, D
Mrs. Dr. D. Giron* Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, CH
Dr. E. Grell Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, Frankfurt a.M., D
Prof. Dr. J.-P.E. Grolier* Universté Blaise Pascal, Aubière, F
Dr. R. Hilfiker Solvias AG, Basel, CH
Dr. U.Ch. Hofmeier* Solvias AG, Basel, CH
Prof. Dr. H.E. Junginger Center for Drug Research, University of Leiden, NL
Prof. Dr. V. Krämer* Institute for Crystallography, University of Freiburg, D
Prof. Dr. H. Leuenberger Institute of Pharmacy, University of Basel, CH
Mr. N. Martin, Secretary Solvias AG, Basel, CH
Dr. M.Ollivon Université Paris Sud, F
Prof. Dr. H.R. Oswald* Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, University of Zürich, CH
Dr. G. Pluschke Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel, CH
Prof. Dr. Y.H. Roos Department of Food Technology, University of Helsinki, SF
Prof. Dr. J. Seelig Biozentrum, University of Basel, CH
Prof. Dr. I. Wadsö University of Lund, S
Prof. Dr. E. Wilhelm* Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Vienna, A
Prof. Dr. E. Windhab Institute of Food Science/Food Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, CH

* Members of the Board of eurostar-science

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General Information

  The aim of the symposium is to assemble scientists and specialists from universities and industrie as well as from pharmaceutical, agrochemical and food companies.
  The anticipated subjects are in the interacting fields of Pharmacy with Applied Physical Chemistry.
The characterization of Active Substances as well as the description of Dosage Forms are main subjects of the venue. The pharmaceutical importance of Polymers and Excipients and their compatibility with Drug Substances will be outlined.
  An exchange of information is anticipated by a Scientific Program offering plenary lectures, short communications, poster sessions and workshops. Lectures are also welcomed wich give overviews in the different aspects of research, development as well as in the description of the physicochemical aspects of the manufacturing processes of active substances, such as crystallization, phase separation, drying, and grinding. Also included in our Scientific Program are preformulation and formulation processes for different types of dosage forms.
  You are cordially invited to participate in this Symposium. The conference language will be English. Manufacturers will exhibit instruments used in the fields of Physical Chemistry, Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry and in Pharmacy. The contributions will be published in form of a workbook consisting of one-page abstracts.
  You can find all ongoing information about the PhandTA 5 on this site from now on.
If you are interested to participate in PhandTA 5, please use the contact below to receive the Circular.

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Program overview

  The program consists of the following Sections:

a. Drug Substances: thermal characterization, phase diagrams, polymorphism, stability, hydrates, solvates,
b. Excipients and Polymers: characterization and compatibility
c. Dosage Forms, Manufacturing, Aging, and Release: solid dispersions, semi-solid forms, liquid forms,
microemulsions, controlled released systems (e.g. transdermal systems)
d. Site-specific Drug Delivery, Interactions: interactions drug-receptor, transport mechanisms
e. Instrumentation and Methods of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry: new techniques, calibration,


  Timetable of the PhandTA 5

Monday, September 18, 2000   18:00 General Assembly of eurostar-science
Tuesday, September 19, 2000   08:00 – 09:30


  10:00 – 18:30



Registration, Coffee

Opening of PhandTA 5

Oral and Poster Sessions

Opening of the Exhibition

Reception Wildt'sches Haus

Wednesday, September 20, 2000   08:30 – 18:00 Oral and Poster Sessions,
Exhibition of Instruments


Visit to the Zoo

Conference Dinner

Thursday, September 21, 2000   08:30 – 12:00 Oral Sessions and Poster Sessions
Exhibition of Instruments
eurostar-science and STK
  12:00 – 19:30

  13:00 – 13:30


Award and Plenary Lectures

General Assembly of STK

Closing of PhandTA 5


On Thursday, September 21, 2000, there will be a Joint Meeting together with the STK (Swiss Society of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry).
The Joint Meeting will mainly be covered with three Award Lectures, namely the Award for Applied Physical Chemistry of eurostar-science and the STK Award for Applied Chemical Thermodynamics as well as the Award for Young Scientists.

The 25th Anniversary meeting will not take place on Friday 22, 2000 as announced, but is postponed to Spring 2001.

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Information for the authors

Format of the posterwalls: 80 x 120 cm (width x height); only portrait format possible !
The posters can be set up from tuesday morning on and can be left until the end of the conference.
You will find your poster number in the workbook.

Oral contributions
All usual projection techniques are available, including e.g. overhead and slide projectors or beamer.
All contributors will be informed individually.

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  Basel is ideally located and therefore easily reachable from all parts of Europe by train and car. Furthermore, nearby in Basel-Mulhouse, is an international airport.
Streetmaps of Basel you can find here.
  The conference will take place in the Pharmazentrum which is the new building of the Department of Pharmacy and the Biocenter of the University of Basel.
Address:  Pharmazentrum der Universität Basel
                 Klingelbergstrasse 50
                 CH-4056 Basel
Accomodation is on your own responsibility. A list of hotels will be send after receiving your registration, together with advise for recommended conference hotels.

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  If you like to participate in the PhandTA 5 please use the on-line Registration  or the
enclosed Registration form as Word 97 Document to return it as soon as possible to the given address.
You can expect a confirmation of your registration within two weeks.

  Registration deadlines for contributions
     posters:  as soon as possible

  Registration fees

Euro CHF
Full Participation
including workbook, coffee, lunches, conference dinner
470,- 750,-
One-day Participation
including workbook, coffee, lunch
230,- 370,-
including workbook, coffee, lunches, conference dinner
150,- 240,-
Accompanying persons
including coffee, lunches, conference dinner
125,- 200,-

All Participants of the PhandTA 5 will get as a present the Special Issue of the Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 57, No.1 (1999), together with the confirmation of their registration. Contributions of the PhandTA 3, Monte Veritá, Ascona 1997 are collected in this Special Issue.

    The payment of the registration fee is appreciated to the following banc account:

        UBS AG
        CH-4005 Basel, Switzerland
        account holder:     N. Martin
        account number:   233-12257812.0

    Payment on the conference site will be possible in Swiss Francs.

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For further questions and ordering the circular (incl. registration form), please contact:

Dr. E. Marti
c/o Solvias AG
CH-4002 Basel
Tel.: ++41 61 68 66168
Fax: ++41 61 68 66233

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