AFCAT / STK Bâle Meeting

26 - 28 May 1998

• Chemical and Physical Process Development/Process Safety

• Thermal Analysis in Food Science

XXIXe Journées de Calorimetrie et d’Analyse Thermique - AFCAT

23rd Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry - STK

Novartis Services AG

PEA-Ausbildungszentrum, K-430.3OG, Müllheimerstrasse 195, CH-4002 Basel , Schweiz

International Scientific Committee

Scientific Programme

Registration Fees





International Scientific Committee

E.Marti*, President STK, Novartis Services AG, Basel, CH

Mrs. D.Clausse*, Presidente AFCAT, UTC Compiègne, F

J.M.Buisine, Université du Littoral, Dunkerque, F

J.Beyrich, Ciba Speciality Chemicals, Basel, CH

K.Eigenmann, Novartis AG, Basel, CH

W.-D.Emmerich, Netzsch-Geraetebau GmbH, Selb Bayern, D

M.F.Ferregutti, Firmenich S.A., La Plaine, CH

Mrs. D.Giron, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, CH

U.Ch.Hofmeier*, Novartis Services AG, Basel, CH

P.Hug, EMPA, Duebendorf, CH

E.Karmazsin, Lyon, F

P. Le Parlouer*, Setaram, Caluire, F

B.Legendre, Université Paris-Sud, Chatenay Malabry, F

M.Maciejewski, ETH-Zentrum, Zuerich, CH

P.Rebouillon, UFR de Pharmacie, Marseille, F

Mrs. P.Relkin, ENSIA, Massy, F

R.Riesen, Mettler-Toledo GmbH, Schwerzenbach, CH

Y.H.Roos*, University of Helsinki, SF

A.Schiraldi*, University of Milan, I

F.Stoessel*, Novartis Services AG, Basel, CH

W.Surer, Lab Plus AG, Bubikon, CH

P.Tissot, Université de Genève, CH

P.Vast, Lab.Chimie Appliquée, Villeneuve D’Ascq, F

J.Vogt, Ciba Vision, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, CH

* Executive Committee


Scientific Programme

The Bâle Meeting at Novartis Services AG is divided into two Sections, namely "Chemical and Physical Process Development/Process Safety" and "Thermal Analysis in Food Science". Chemical and Physical Process Development/Process Safety will focus on two areas:

- Value added by physicochemical data

- Thermal data: Experimental and theoretical approach

For both Sections, experts and scientists will be assembled who are active in Applied Physical Chemistry, a broad field which includes a large number of scientific sub-fields such as Thermal Analysis, Calorimetry, Chemical Thermodynamics, and Chemical and Physical Reactivity. Particular emphasis will also be given to areas such as spectroscopy and microscopy applied to Chemical and Physical Process Development/Process Safety, as well as in the specific form of coupled methods such as DSC/DTA-MS or -GC-MS and TG-FTIR.

The Bâle Meeting is organised without any Parallel Sessions. The Scientific Programme will be divided into Oral Communications and Poster Sessions, with an Exhibition of Instruments and Demonstrations of Computer Programs. The Oral Communications will include Award and Plenary Lectures, and Key and Short Communications; in addition, Workshops on selected topics will be organised. The STK Award for "Applied Chemical Thermodynamics" and the Award for "Young Scientists" will be presented during the Bâle Meeting.

The Tentative Programme for the Bâle Meeting is as follows:

Monday, 25 Nay 1998 16:00 - 18:00 Registration, Welcome Drink
Tuesday, 26 May 1998 08:30 - 09:30 Registration, Coffee
"Chemical and Physical Process Development" 09:30 - 18:30 • Oral Sessions
    • Poster Sessions
    • Workshop
    • Exhibition of Instruments
  18:45 General Assemblies AFCAT and STK
Wednesday, 27 May 1998    
"Chemical and Physical Process Safety" 08:30 - 18:30 Same Scientific Programme structure as on Tuesday
  19:00 Conference Dinner
Thursday, 28 May 1998    
"Thermal Analysis in Food Science" 08:30 - 18:00 Scientific Programme
  19:00 Informal Dinner

The language of the Conference will be mainly English. Languages such as French or German are welcomed; however, for Oral Presentations we suggest you use English.

Manufacturers will exhibit instruments used in the relevant areas.

A Registration Form is included with this Announcement. All scientists interested in the Bâle Meeting should return the Registration Form by

March 15, 1998.

An Abstract of one page, in English, should be sent to E. Marti (see address below).

A specimen Abstract is attached.

The deadline for Abstracts is 15 March 1998.

The duration of Lectures, including discussion time, is as follows:

- Award and Plenary Lectures 50 min

- Key Communications 30 min

- Short Communications 20 min

All participants who intend to make a contribution at the Bâle Meeting should be aware of the fact that a Poster is for many purposes an excellent vehicle for presenting scientific work. Furthermore, language problems may be solved by choosing a Poster Presentation. Each of the Poster Presentations will last for at least one full day, and the time reserved exclusively for Poster Sessions will be substantial.

The size of the Posters is given by the World Format

Height: 128 cm Width: 91 cm


Registration Fees Sfr.

Members of a national society in the relevant fields 360.-

Participants who intend to become AFCAT members 400.-

Non-members 480.-

Accompanying persons 180.-


Students register on a normal basis; however, they may apply for financial support.


The Registration Fee includes the workbook, 3 lunches, coffee, and the conference dinner.



Participants are responsible for booking hotel rooms in Basel. A hotel list is included in the Circular. When you mail your Registration Form, it is recommended that you also reserve a hotel room.


Parking is only possible for a limited number of cars at the Conference Location and may be difficult in public areas. For instrument manufacturers, Exhibition materials can be easily unloaded.


For ongoing information, please refer to the conference Web page at:




Dr.E.Marti Tel.: +41 61 696 53 48

Novartis Services AG Fax +41 61 696 93 04

K-127.5.70 e-mail:

CH-4002 Basel



For receiving the Circular including the Final Registration Form please send your name and address to:

or to the address or Fax number above.


AFCAT Prof. Danièle Clausse

STK Dr. Erwin Marti